Curriculum Vitae



B.C. Registered Psychologist (1693)


Ph.D., University of Alberta, Counselling Psychology, 1984

M.Ed., University of Alberta, Counselling Psychology, 1980

B.Sc., University of Alberta, Specialization in Psychology, 1977



Registered Psychologist, College of Psychologists of British Columbia, 2006-2016

British Columbia Psychological Association, 2006-2016

Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, 1986-2012

Canadian Pain Society, 2006-2011

Canadian Psychological Association, 1992-2008

Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, 1980-2006 (Volunteer with Disaster Response Network)

Chartered Psychologist, College of Alberta Psychologists, 1980-2006 (Retired Status 2006)

Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Alberta Division), 1988-1998

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 1992-1997



Private Practice, Victoria, B.C., 2011-2016

Free/Drop-in Anxiety Management Support Group established in Victoria, B.C. in 2011

Private Practice, Vancouver, 2007-2010 (part-time)

OrionHealth Vancouver Pain Clinic, 2005-2010

  • Psychologist – Primary Clinician, Pain Management Program, Multi-disciplinary
  • Clinical Assessment, Clinical Report Coordination, Group and Individual Psychotherapy (primarily using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Client Education, Team Consultation, Liaison with Provider

Private Practice, Lifespan Psychological Services, Edmonton, Alberta, 1984-2005

  • Individual and Group Counselling and Psychotherapy using primarily Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis
  • Individual therapy for all anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, abuse, substance abuse, chronic pain, relationship issues
  • Group Therapy for anxiety disorders and men’s issues
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Consultation to Business
  • Community Resource
  • Established and supported two free support groups for anxiety
  • Numerous public lectures, print, radio and television interviews
  • Consultation to Insurance Companies and Workers’ Compensation Board
  • Locums: OrionHealth Canmore Pain Clinic: 1997, 1999, 2003 and 2004
  • Expert Witness: Accepted on at least three occasions



Edmonton General Hospital, Department of Geriatric Medicine, Psychological Services, 1981-1984

  • Assessment, Treatment, Consultation, Program Development, Clinical Teaching
  • Acting Director, 1983

Edmonton General Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, 1980-1981

  • Consultant and Group Therapist, Day Hospital Program

Good Samaritan Society, 1979-1988

  • Psychological Consultant: Clinical Assessment, Treatment, Program Planning, Staff Education, Research, Facility Program Evaluation

Glenrose Provincial General Hospital, Department of Psychology, 1979-1980

  • Outpatient Parent Training Program
  • Clinical Assessments
  • Neonatal Follow-Up Program
  • Convalescent Rehabilitation Unit, Cerebrovascular Accident Unit



Camosun College, Victoria, B.C., Department of Psychology

  • Interpersonal Relations 154, Winter 2011

University of Alberta, Department of Psychology, Sessional Lecturer

  • Introductory Psychology, Personality, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology
  • Student Evaluations led to “Honour Roll” Course Evaluations

Grant MacEwan Community College

  • Introductory Psychology, Blue Quill College, St. Paul, Alberta Campus (predominately aboriginal student population)
  • Social Psychology, Jasper Place Campus, Edmonton, Alberta

University of Alberta – Faculty of Medicine, Assistant Clinical Professor

  • Multidisciplinary Lecture Series, Geriatric Psychology
  • Medical, Dental, Rehabilitation Medicine



Mary Pack Arthritis Society Staff Development Day

  • Motivating People with Chronic Pain, 2010  

Supervision of Doctoral Interns, 2008-10

University of British Columbia, Pharmacy Program

  • Geriatric Grief, 2008, 2009, 2010

Gerontological Certificate Program, University of Alberta

  • Staff Stress in Institutions
  • Counselling the Elderly

University of Victoria British Columbia, Department of Educational Psychology

  • Men, Sexuality and Grief

Department of Educational Psychology, University of Alberta

  • Counselling the Elderly
  • Therapy for Panic Disorder

Department of Human Ecology, University of Alberta

  • Male Sexuality (Multiple lectures)

City University, Edmonton, Alberta, Masters’ Program in Counselling Psychology

  • Men and Grief
  • Group Therapy for Anxiety and Panic Disorder



Psychological Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, Presentation at meeting of Alberta Professionals for Sexual Health, 2003

Redefining Male Sexuality, Presentation at the Human Sexuality Conference, University of Alberta, 1998

Crisis Response for Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Safety Net – Community Crisis Responder Skill Training, Workshop Presentations and Materials, 1996

Panic Disorder, Paper presented at the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Alberta Division) Annual Conference, Banff, Alberta, 1992

Anxiety: We all experience it in varying degrees, Developments, Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, Vol. 9, Issue 10, 1990

Multiphasic Environmental Assessment Procedure, Results of a Research Study in Three Nursing Homes of the Good Samaritan Society, Paper presented at the Alberta Association of Gerontology Conference, 1986

An Exploration of Intrapersonal Reminiscence and Factors of Cognition in Late Life, Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, University of Alberta, 1984

Locus of Control and Adjustment in Elderly Residents of a Nursing Home, Unpublished Masters’ Thesis, University of Alberta, 1980

Baker, W. and Lipinski, T.F. Contacts and keeping up: A brief look at ongoing and unpublished gerontological studies and research in Canada, Canadian Counsellor, 1980, 14, 28-32

Johnston, R. and Lipinski, T.F., An appraisal of Systematic Training for Effective Parenting, Alberta Mental Health Advisory Council, Research Grant Report, 1979

Blashko, C.A., Lipinski, T.F. and Howard, L.W., Using film to alter attitudes toward the aged, Alberta Mental Health Advisory Council, Research Grant Report, 1978

Student health needs assessment: Program objectives and scope and sequence of learning, Department of Education, Government of Alberta, Research Report, 1978

Attitudes towards mental health, Alberta Mental Health Advisory Council, Research Assistant, Edmonton General Hospital, 1977



Numerous public, television and radio lectures and presentations as well as newspaper articles on the topics of anxiety, depression, assertiveness, men’s issues and personal development and motivation.



Currently writing: “Chasing the Dragon”, A self-help book on managing anxiety, Third Draft, Working with Editor

Currently writing: “Lotus Land”, A psychological thriller, Second draft 

Currently writing: “The Moon is Following Me, Principles of Age Regression as Applied to Business and Everyday Life”, First Draft

“Gender”, A nine-part series on gender issues, ACCESS TV, Co-host and writer, Aired in November and December 1993

“Alive and Well . . . in Alberta.”, Thirteen three-minute monologues written and performed, Half-hour Television Program on Family Recreation, Topics focused on family issues related to psychology, Aired on CBC in 1990 and on ACCESS TV in 1991

Resident Guest: “Well Now, With Arlysse”, Eight episodes dealing with current health issues, Produced by CBC, Edmonton, 1989

“The Ladies’ Friendship Group”, Original half-hour screenplay for television, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) production, Jack Emack – Producer/Director, Broadcast locally September 16, 1988 and nationally December 22, 1988

“Picking up the Pieces”, Video, Sponsored educational drama for Alberta Social Services, Proposal concept won tendered competition, Tinsel Media Productions – Producer, Writing credit, 10 minutes, 1987

“Journey Works” Video, Five segments of an educational video concerned with literacy training, ACCESS TV, Writing credit, Approximately 45 minutes of scripted material, 1986-87

“That is to Say . . .”, Video, Understanding behaviour in a rehabilitation hospital, In-house production, Glenrose Provincial General Hospital, Edmonton, Writing credit, 23 minutes, 1981

“Gettin’ On”, Film, Drama-documentary, Winner of four awards from the Alberta Motion Picture Association, Research credit, 28 minutes, 1977